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7 Immediate Effects Of Drinking Soda

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7 Immediate Effects Of Drinking Soda


7 Immediate Effects Of Drinking Soda

Remember drinking soda as a kid? It’s like beer for six year old. There was sometimes nothing better than guzzling one down and riding your tricycle down the street on a caffeine high… That may have been just me, but man was soda awesome! If you drank soda as a child, chances are you still do. Did you know drinking one soda a day can age you about years? What happens if you have three? How old do you age after ten? Does a 20 year-old designated driver go to a party and leave with a bald head and a walker? While it’s fun to drink, soda can have some serious effects on your health. Even from just a single can. Let’s talk about what happens after drinking soda. Is it only a myth that it causes acne? How about lung disease? Does one soda a day really lower your sperm count? Before we start, how about a refreshment? What’s more refreshing than soda? Subscribing to our Website healthii . Also, support our Website by reading Article until the end.

Weight Gain & Diabetes

Depending on your body and what shape you’re in. The long term effects of soda may vary.But drinking just one can pose serious immediate problems. The average can of Coke carries with it around 140 calories, while Pepsi and Dr. Pepper both pack an additional 10. The average adult needs between 25 – 38 grams of sugar a day. That’s somewhere around 100 – 150 calories. Cans of soda normally include 39 grams of sugar! By drinking just a single can, you have already consumed your daily sugar intake. Drinking one can a day means that you are ingesting over 130,000 extra calories a year. That over 15 pounds of fat! The routine of drinking a soda a day can also increase your chances of diabetes by 18%. This is over the course of 16 years. Those who have two sodas in 24 hours see the same likelihood of suffering a stroke. If you have three or more sodas in a day, your chances increase for both diabetes and a stroke.

After hearing all of this, you’re probably starting to rethink all those hot summer days drinking soda as a kid. Consuming this amount sugar in such a short window of time is dangerous. If phosphoric acid didn’t get in the way, most people would get sick and vomit. Twenty minutes after consuming a soda, your blood sugar will begin to spike, with that sugar eventually becoming fat. After forty minutes, the caffeine will finish absorbing into your system. This usually results in dilated pupils and high blood pressure. Tooth Decay By the sounds of it, soda enthusiasts have a rough road ahead. Tooth decay is another common effect often associated with heavy soda drinking. But did you know that your teeth are affected almost immediately? You know how we sometimes drink soda for the caffeine boost? Picture the sugar in soda being like bacteria’s energy drink. The sugar mixes with the bacteria allowing acid to form. The acid seeps into your teeth and overtime develops into cavities.

Keep up the soda intake and you’ll multiple doctors… None of them named ‘Pepper’. We’ll be here all week.

Heart Issues

Chronic heart disease (or CHD) is one of the more common risks of long term soda consumption. Just a can a day can increase your chances of winding up in a hospital. Regular soda drinkers are 20 percent more likely to develop chronic heart disease than those who drink it once in a while. Just two soda’s in 24 hours can increase your likelihood of a heart attack by 20%

How does it work?

The large quantity of sugar entering your system can eventually build up and block blood flow from your arteries into your heart. Just hearing this information makes you want to hurry over to the fridge and grab a water bottle.

Brain Issues

The problems that sugary beverages can pose to your heart are well documented. But did you know there are serious effects on your brain as well? Around 45 minutes after consumption, the sugar from the soda increases your level of dopamine, giving your brain a feeling of stimulation. Drugs such as heroin are also known to have this effect. While this feeling kicks in relatively fast, soda carries several long term brain effects as well.

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Like coffee, coke’s caffeine content can give you that energy boost you need to get through the day. But excessive amounts of sugar can cause your brain the experience a shortage of an important chemical called Brain-Derived Neurotic Factor or BDNF. This can hinder you from learning information as well as memory. Pepsi may taste good, but for the cost of memory loss? No thank you.

Low Sperm Count Yeah…

We don’t mean to tread into uncomfortable territory with this one, but what the heck. Gentlemen, listen up! If you’re a regular soda drinker, expect your sperm count to lower by 30%. Multiple studies have concluded that those with low soda consumption have much higher sperm counts than those who down the drink on the regular. So what exactly causes this? It’s actually still unclear. Experts originally believed it was caffeine.

But after discovering that coffee does not have the same result, it was scratched off the list of potential suspects. While some theorize it’s the combination of ingredients, the exact reason for why soda lower sperm counts still leaves researchers swimming in circles…

Pardon the expression.

Lower Pregnancy Rate While soda can lower the sperm count in men, women are also not safe. Females who consume at least one soft-drink a day have a 25% lower fertility rate than those who have them on occasion.

However, diet coke and fruit juice are not as likely to affect you the same way as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.

Lung Complications

Smoking isn’t the only bad habit that affects your breathing, you know. Soda is proven to increase your risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, known more commonly as COPD. This disease is characterized by heavy breathing and poor airflow. While it normally takes effect after age 40, every soda you drink brings you one step closer.

Let’s talk for a moment about sodium. It is recommended that the average adult consumes no more than 1500 mg of sodium daily. While a can of coke for example may only hold 45 mg, a little sodium goes a long way. Upon entering your system, sodium builds up, reducing potassium in your body. This increases your chance of asthma.

How many sodas have you had in a day? What’s your favorite soft drink? After Reading this article, would you consider cutting back on soda? Sound off in the comments down below, and subscribe for our newest content posted everyday! .

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